June 28, 2022

A mosquito is an insect whose physique consists of six legs, two wings, an stomach, three hearts and a head with nearly 100 eyes, and within the mouth there are 48 tooth and 6 small needle-like components referred to as (rises). And the variety of species of mosquitoes could be very giant, as they unfold over the world of ​​the globe, not being in a single place alone.

This insect has many indicators of creativity in its construction. Mosquitoes are warmth discriminating and have a warmth receiver, due to which they will distinguish the warmth of issues within the type of flowers and distinguish human pores and skin in the dead of night. The mosquito additionally has a blood take a look at system, so it chooses what fits him, so we word that the Mosquito bites some individuals, however not others. The mosquito is characterised by an area anesthetic system, so the particular person doesn’t really feel when the mosquito plunges the needle into their pores and skin, however feels itchy after the mosquito has bitten them and sucked their blood. It additionally has an olfactory equipment that enables it to odor human sweat, as mosquitoes are interested in people by the odor of their sweat and the carbon dioxide exhaled by the human physique throughout exhalation.

meals for mosquitoes

These bugs feed on extracts of crops and flowers, as well as, the feminine feeds on human blood by the mouth organs. The place she first cuts the world together with her tooth, then the needles (climb) penetrate the human pores and skin and suck the blood out of it, and secrete a salivary fluid on this place that stops the human blood from clotting after he has sucked out the blood that he wants within the manufacturing course of eggs. What causes an irritating and painful itching in an individual as a result of irritation and congestion that types on this space, and the variety of leukocytes within the blood will increase to deal with it and defend the physique.

Ailments attributable to mosquito bites

Because it stings an individual in the identical means because it stings animals, lays eggs and lives in polluted environments, subsequently, a mosquito chunk can transmit many illnesses with it from the blood of one other particular person, and among the many illnesses that may be attributable to mosquito bites and have been there: malaria, yellow fever, dengue fever, West Nile virus.

breeding websites

The feminine lays her eggs in our bodies of water reminiscent of ponds, swamps, open water, working puddles, ponds, and any physique of standing water. The feminine lays 100-300 eggs at a time, and it takes one to 2 days to hatch an egg and hatch a larva just one millimeter or much less lengthy. , and she or he carries out the method of mating, after which the top of her life.

profit from mosquitoes

The well-known advantage of mosquitoes is that mosquitoes are one of many parts of the ecosystem, so the disappearance or extinction of mosquitoes causes a violation of this method, as a result of mosquitoes are meals for a lot of animals, reminiscent of frogs. After all, it has different benefits, however they haven’t but been found.

Strategies for eliminating mosquitoes

  • Spray DEET throughout your physique and this technique has confirmed efficient in controlling mosquitoes.
  • Plant citronella, basil, and neem as these crops repel mosquitoes.
  • Use a mosquito web that can preserve mosquitoes from reaching individuals and biting them.
  • Pesticides are sprayed within the air and abundantly in forests and gardens the place mosquitoes are frequent.

To keep away from mosquito bites, comply with the following tips:

  • Put on clothes that covers all components of your physique in order that mosquitoes can’t see the pores and skin and chunk.
  • Don’t put on darkish clothes that absorbs warmth, as mosquitoes are interested in warmth.
  • Don’t train in locations the place there are a variety of mosquitoes.

cope with mosquito bites

A mosquito chunk causes congestion and swelling the place its needle sticks, which causes an annoying and excruciating itch in an individual, so individuals attempt their greatest to do away with this annoying sensation, and among the many strategies of eliminating itching attributable to a mosquito chunk:

  • Consuming garlic, onion and apple cider vinegar adjustments the odor of human sweat and retains mosquitoes away from it.
  • Including salt to water and making use of it to the chunk immediately stops the sensation of itching.
  • Mixing milk with water after which making use of it to the chunk immediately stops the sensation of itching.
  • Lubricate the chunk website with chilly water.
  • Apply topical lotions reminiscent of hydrocortisone to the positioning of the mosquito chunk.
  • Wash the chunk website with cleaning soap and water.

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