June 28, 2022

Mohammed bin Saudi Arabia College is among the public universities that performs a task in selling information, creativity and ethical values ​​amongst college students with a view to purchase management abilities and scientific analysis. Amongst his works are the combination and software of the rules of Islam, educational and analysis excellence, worldwide communication and the change of data within the mild of Islamic teachings and values.

The college has 14 faculties, 3 institutes of upper training, 70 analysis institutes positioned inside the Kingdom and 5 institutes outdoors the Kingdom in Indonesia and Djibouti. Nevertheless it presently has over 60,000 college students and 4,000 academics.

Historical past of Imam Mohammed bin Saud College from a distance

It was based in 1373 AH and 1953 CE. and was positioned within the metropolis of Riyadh, the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It was the School of Sharia Sciences, immediately known as the School of Sharia, and adjusted radically from then till it turned a college in 1974 AD. The muse stone of the present college constructing was laid on January 5, 1982, through the reign of King Khalid bin Abdulaziz Al Saud. Then it was opened in 1990.

What are the objectives of Imam Muhammad bin Saud College remotely?

Since educating has turn into digital and distance studying, we have now many objectives in entrance of us, together with:

  • Updating educational applications in accordance with society and the labor market.
  • Offering instructional applied sciences and constructing an built-in system in accordance with instructional and technical suggestions.
  • Growing and creating the abilities of academics in the usage of e-learning.
  • Alternative to make use of e-learning with the very best high quality within the growth of the academic course of.
  • Offering studying alternatives in any respect native, Arab and worldwide ranges.
  • Alternative to extend the variety of college students within the distance studying program.
  • Work on offering digital content material for programs to have the ability to publish.
  • Selling scientific analysis and selling training whereas reaching excellence in distance studying in Arabic and Islamic research.

Individuals who have run the college since its founding

  • Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Muhammad Al Sheikh served within the administration of the college from 1953 to 1976 CE.
  • Dr. Abdullah bin Abdul Mohsen Al-Turki was in his administration from 1976 to 1994 CE.
  • Dr. Muhammad bin Abdullah Al-Ajlan from 1990 to 1998 CE
  • Dictator Abdullah bin Yousef Al-Shibl from 1998 to 1999 CE
  • Dr. Muhammad bin Saad Al-Salem from 1999 to 2008.
  • Prof. Dr. Suleiman bin Abdullah Aba Al-Khail from 2008 to 2016.
  • Dr. Ahmed bin Salem bin Muhammad Al-Amri since 2020.

Schools on the college

There are a lot of faculties of various disciplines, together with:

1 – College of Engineering

This school has the next departments:

  • College of Civil Engineering.
  • Division of Mechanical Engineering.
  • College of Electrical Engineering.
  • Division of Chemical Engineering.
  • Engineering and Architectural Division.

2 – College of Medication

The College of Medication has many departments, together with:

  • Division of Pediatrics.
  • Division of Inside Medication.
  • Division of Pedagogical Medication.
  • Division of Pharmacy.
  • Anatomy part.
  • Division of Household and Neighborhood Medication.
  • Division of Normal Surgical procedure.
  • Division of Obstetrics and Gynecology.
  • Division of Ophthalmology.
  • Division of Dermatology.

It additionally contains:

  • Division of Anesthesiology.
  • Separation of the ear, throat and nostril.
  • Division of Public Well being.
  • Division of Medical Neurology.
  • division of pathology.
  • Division of Biochemistry.
  • Division of Forensic Medication.
  • Division of emergency drugs.
  • Division of Physiology.

3 – School of Laptop and Info Sciences

  • Division of Laptop Science.
  • Division of Info Programs.
  • Info administration division.
  • Division of Info Expertise.

4 – Science School

  • Division of Arithmetic and Statistics.
  • division of physics.
  • division of chemistry.
  • Division of Biology.

5 – College of Economics and Administrative Sciences

  • Division of Economics.
  • Division of Enterprise Administration.
  • Division of Accounting.
  • Division of Finance and Investments.
  • Banking division.
  • Division of insurance coverage and threat administration.

6 – College of Social Sciences

  • Division of Psychology.
  • Division of Sociology and Social Work.
  • Division of Historical past and Civilization.
  • Division of Geography.

7 – School of Arabic

  • Literary division.
  • Division of Rhetoric, Criticism and Islamic Literature Curriculum.
  • Division of Grammar and Linguistics.

8 – College of Media and Communications

  • Division of Printing and Digital Publications.
  • Division of Radio, Tv and Movie.
  • public relations part.
  • Division of Promoting and Advertising Communications.
  • Division of graphics and multimedia.
  • Specialised media division.

9 – College of Languages ​​and Translation

Division of English Language and Literature

10 – College of Sharia

  • Division of Sharia and Islamic Research.
  • Division of jurisprudence.
  • Division of jurisprudence.
  • Division of Islamic Tradition.
  • authorized division.

11 – College of Fundamentals of Faith

  • Division of the Holy Quran and its sciences.
  • Division of the Sunnah and its sciences.
  • Division of Teachings and Trendy Teachings.

12 – School of Persevering with Training and Neighborhood Service

  • Division of Administrative and Human Sciences.
  • Division of Utilized Sciences

14 – School of Sharia and Islamic Research, Al-Ahsa Governorate.

  • Division of Divine Legal guidelines.
  • Division of Fundamentals of Faith.
  • Arabic language division.
  • Division of English.
  • Division of Geography.
  • administrative division.
  • authorized division.
  • Division of Laptop and Info Sciences.

15 – Pedagogical School

  • Division of Fundamentals of Training.
  • Division of Instructional Planning and Administration.
  • Instructional-methodical division.
  • Division of Particular Training.

Institutes of Imam Muhammad bin Saud College remotely

1 – Increased Institute of Justice

  • Division of Comparative Legislation.
  • Authorized Coverage Division.

2 – Excessive Institute of Daawa and Accountability

  • Division of Islamic Enchantment.
  • Settlement and management division.
  • Division of Modern Islamic Research.

3 – Arabic Educating Institute

  • Division of Arabic and Islamic Sciences.
  • Part of linguistic coaching.
  • Division of Utilized Linguistics.

Companies positioned at Imam Mohammed bin Saud College remotely

College Administration Company

It’s adopted by:

  • Dean of Human Assets.
  • Normal Directorate of Administration and Finance.
  • Normal Directorate of Procurement and Tenders.
  • Normal Directorate of Security and Safety.
  • Normal funds administration.

College Vice President for Training

Amongst them are the next:

  • Increased Institute of Justice.
  • The Highest Institute of Daawa and Accountability.
  • Arabic Language Institute.
  • Sharia School.
  • School of Arabic.
  • School of Fundamentals of Faith.
  • College of Social Sciences.
  • School of Languages ​​and Translation.
  • School of Media and Communications.
  • College of Economics and Administrative Sciences.
  • School of Laptop and Info Sciences.
  • College of Medication.
  • School of Science.
  • School of Engineering.
  • College of Training.
  • School of Sharia and Islamic Research.
  • Dean of Pupil Affairs.
  • Dean’s Workplace of Preparatory Applications
  • Login and registration.
  • Dean of e-learning and distance training.

College Vice President for Graduate Research and Analysis

It contains the next:

  • Science Council.
  • Dean of Scientific Analysis.
  • Dean of Postgraduate Training.
  • King Abdullah Institute for Translation and Arabization
  • Dean’s Workplace of Innovation and Entrepreneurship.
  • Dean of Library Affairs.
  • NGO administration.

College Vice President for Analysis Institutes

It incorporates the next:

  • scientific institutes.
  • Normal Directorate for Supervision of Training.
  • Updating the plans and curricula of the state administration.
  • Normal administration for the preparation of educating aids.
  • Normal Directorate of Pupil Affairs.
  • Normal Directorate of Instructional Measurements and Evaluations.
  • Predominant Directorate of Instructional Applied sciences in Scientific Institutes.
  • Division of Public Relations and Instructional Media in Scientific Institutes.
  • Division of High quality Assurance in Scientific Institutes.
  • Workplace of the implementation of the imaginative and prescient of those establishments.

College Vice President for Enterprise Growth and Investments

It’s adopted by:

  • Prince Nayef Analysis and Advisory Institute.
  • Normal Directorate of Endowments.
  • College Funding Fund at its personal expense.
  • Middle for the Research of the Labor Market.
  • Normal Directorate of Investments.
  • School of Persevering with Training and Neighborhood Service.
  • College Press.
  • Museum of the Historical past of Science and Expertise in Islam.

College Vice President for Pupil Affairs

Together with:

  • Division of Technical Affairs of the Metropolis of King Abdullah for feminine college students.
  • Administration and monitoring of progress in King Abdullah Metropolis for feminine college students.
  • Division of Pupil Affairs within the metropolis of King Abdullah for feminine college students.

College Vice President for Planning, Growth and High quality

  • Together with:
  • Dean’s Workplace of Calendar and High quality.
  • Dean’s Workplace of Info Expertise.
  • Ability Growth Middle.
  • Middle for Strategic Planning.
  • Instructional and data heart.
  • Middle for Paperwork and Archives.

College Vice President for Information Trade and Worldwide Communications

Adopted by:

  • Dean’s Workplace for Institutes Overseas.
  • Division of Scholarships and Worldwide Partnerships.
  • Administration of native agreements and partnerships.
  • Predominant Directorate of Exhibitions and Boards.

Pupil support and housing

  • The college provides 990 SAR per thirty days (US$264) to science and well being college students.
  • For liberal arts college students, it prices 840 SAR per thirty days ($224).
  • There’s a 75% low cost on overseas books.
  • Within the bed room advanced, the rooms are totally furnished.
  • Meals on the college restaurant.
  • Medical care is free.
  • Along with offering full return tickets to your nation.
  • The library has a library often known as the Library of Science and Information of Prince Sultan. The library was based in 1952 and shared with varied colleges within the metropolis. It’s utilized by the World Digital Library.

Programs and actions out there on the college

The college consists of fourteen faculties. However the faculties deal with: Sharia and Islam, Arabic, Economics and Administrative Sciences, Social Sciences, Media Research, Formal Sciences, Language and Translation, Laptop and Info Sciences, Medication and Engineering. The college has an institute for translation and Arabization, in addition to a particular place for translating Arabic texts into overseas languages ​​and vice versa for translating texts from overseas languages ​​into Arabic, or what is known as Arabization.

Exterior actions of the college

The college publishes the College Mirror newspaper in Arabic and English.

sports activities actions

Imam Mohammed bin Saud Islamic College has a soccer workforce along with the stadium.

Names of distinguished college graduates

  • Abdul Aziz Fawzan Al-Fawzan.
  • Saleh al-Fawzan.
  • Saud al-Shuraim.
  • Abdullah Mohammed al-Khogail.
  • Muhammad Al-Hassan bin Al-Dido Al-Shankiti.


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